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Agri Consulting

With a decade of experience, SV Agri is continuously trying to pioneer a circular bio economy platform around the potato crop. With innovative interventions in seed, processing, waste recovery in processing and supply chain modelling. We do it all and we do everything on Potato.

Our Agri Consulting is targeted for food processors around the globe who aim to setup for their business a differentiated food system with - 

  • Variety balance

  • Sustainable high quality seed supply

  • Round the year sustainable storage and supply of potato

  • High quality products

  • Lean processing Systems


The deliverables of our consulting projects revolve around -

  • Introducing high quality European varieties of potato 

  • Setting up aeroponics facilities to produce high quality early generation seeds

  • Designing and developing best in class cold storages for long term storage

  • Product design services for chips, fries, starch, mash, cubes etc.

  • State of the art technology for high yield and high quality potato product processing.

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