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Conveying System 

Conveyors are the most extensively used components in  Process Industry, accounting for more than 50% of the total footprint.





  • Gap between conveyor and upstream  or downstream machine

  • Insufficient width or distribution 

  • Insufficient side wall or speed 

  • Product returning back with belt

  • Correct layout design with sufficient  overlaps

  • Scientific selection of width, speed and  height as per Capacity and BD

  • Correct discharge port and chute design


  • Correct discharge port and chute design

  • Gap between side wall and belt 

  • Improper belt selection

  • Correct layout design with elevation  considerations

  • Use of MISG or Synchronous sidewall 

  • Engagement with belt suppliers


  • Conveyor with insufficient access 

  • Improper belt selection 

  • Unhygienic design with threading,  open weldings etc

  • Hygienic conveyor design


  • Local parts 

  • Incorrect assembly

  • Reliable parts with local service support 

  • Correct design and assembly by  experienced professionals

Our Approach


  • Preparing the GA  drawing considering  the layout and  upstream-downstream  processes

Belt Selection

  • Application based  selection of belt  material. Sizing the Belt  width, cleat height and  pitch.

Fabrication Design

  • Designing the  conveyor parts  including wear-strip  support, drive system,  return-way s

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