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Potato Chips Lines

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Engineering Solutions by Kuipers

Kuipers Food Processing Machinery BV has perfected the process of deep-frying down to the very last detail. We offer frying solutions for almost all snacking segments - potato chips, french fries, extruded snacks, nuts, seeds, pellets, battered and coated nuts and more. Our collaboration brings to you, the best of technology in terms of product detailing, consistency, quality and oil stability.

Machine Specifications


Deep-frying success depends largely on maintaining oil of the very best quality. Thanks to the dirt removal system specially developed for potato processing, combined with heat treatment, the oil does not have to be replaced. And all this without the need for chemicals.

Custom Production Line

We construct a custom production line to meet the specifications of every customer. The machine is built and tested in its entirety in our own workshop and delivered in turnkey conditions anywhere in the world. We provide both leading multinationals and smaller start-ups with custom machines.

Transport System

Kuipers transports the end product to the packaging machine and ensures an optimal link between the various modules. This perfect logistical set-up maintains product consistency and prevents damage to the end product.

Flavouring Module


Optimal heat distribution in the machine means that kuipers machines are low-energy units. It takes minimal energy to heat the oil and it is even possible to implement a heat recovery system. The unique water treatment system and optimal starch separation also means that considerably less water consumption. If desired, Kuipers can equip the machine with an odour-eliminating module to ensure outstanding odour reduction. 

Every module line can be expanded with the unique flavouring module. A unique dosing and distribution system ensures optimal coverage and distribution of the flavouring on the product.

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