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Potato Auto Halver

Usually 10% -15% of the potatoes received are oversized. Potatoes larger than the acceptable size lead to multiple problems in the process line, like chocking in packing machine, more fines & higher give away to packets. Our grader halver addresses the challenge of handling them by automatically cutting the potatoes in two halves along the shorter diameter which ensures the availability of potatoes in defined sizes for slicing operation


  • Increased packing thoughput - No machine choking

  • Reduced weight variation - Uniform slice size

  • No manual intervention

  • Reduced load of fines

  • Potatoes sizes handled : 40 -140mm

  • Grading size adjustable between 50 - 80mm

  • System efficiency : 85%

  • CE certified control panel and instrumentation components.

  • Flexible assembly design for firment to existing factories

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