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Starch Recovery Plant


Potato Starch is a very valuable by-product of Potato Processing Lines. Valued 6 times more than potatoes, starch is prominently used in the food industry to make snacks, pellets, ethnic snacks and confectionery as well as in paper and packaging material industry.

Do you know how much - water, energy & starch you save using this technology?

We will mail you a free report.

Advantages of Starch Recovery

  • Reduce water consumption by 40% in the plant.

  • Direct revenue from recovered starch ( 1.5% of potato consumers )

  • Hygienic Operations

  • Reduced BOD load on the ETP

  • ( Each KG Starch reduced BOD load by 0.45Kg )


  • Complete SS 304 construction

  • Skid mounted single structure for ease of operation and maintenance

  • 100% compliant to ISO hygiene standards

  • Consistently  finished product moisture content

  • CE certified components and electrical panel

  • Option of no manual intervention from water collection to final powder generation

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