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Utilities Design Services

Food processing industry extensively uses multiple utilities. Thoughtful selection and management of utilities can significantly help any plant to optimize their bottom lines. Money spent on utilities accounts for a huge part of overall food processing or manufacturing costs. We partner with food processing plants and suggests them with correct utility mix and design of various utility systems. We also provide high quality equipment for the individual utility systems.

Improper utility design might lead to process starvation or increased utility bills. Our team of experts and engineers can help you design and set up a utility system that delivers as per the requirement at minimum costs and high availability.

Our offering includes selection and design of energy system, power distribution system, fuel management, air and steam systems, water management (raw as well as effluent) etc.


  • Experience of designing complex systems that make use of multiple utilities.

  • One stop solution; from design to equipment supply and maintenance.

Layout Design Services

Plant layouts play an important role in determining overall cost of operation, ease of maintenance, safety and throughput of any plant. Considering the specific requirements such as hygiene and other compliances, the role of layouts is even more crucial in food plants. SV Agri undertakes greenfield projects as well as helps existing plants to optimize their layouts. Our thorough understanding of industry specific processes and expertise in core engineering and systems design enable us to create optimum layouts to suit plant specific requirements.

Our experience of working with multiple manufacturers helps us to design and build plant layouts that offer highest operational efficiency and conform to highest safety standards. We incorporate best practices and latest trends to design layouts offer better operation and reliability.


Highly customized, bespoke designs which take into consideration site specific parameters and constraints.

  • Use of best practices and technologies for space efficient plant design.

  • ​Conformance with highest safety standards and other statutory compliances.

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