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Flavouring System

We provide dry and wet seasoning systems for various snacks processing lines and systems. Our seasoning systems ensure accurate application and optimum coverage of flavour on your product. The customized detailed engineering precisely for the product to be flavoured make our system a class apart.


  • Both dry and wet flavouring possible on the same product.

  • Weighing based flavour dispensing available in both, dry application as well as wet application

  • Accurate and optimum coverage

  • Hygienic design

  • Minimal product damage

  • The flexible arms in our designed system make it easy to operate , clean and maintain


  • Nested Weighing Feeder

  • Seasoning Drum

  • Dry Seasoning                                                                Seasoning Hopper                                                      Dispensing Screw                                                      Scarf Feeder

  • Wet Seasoning                                                                Slurry Kettles                                                                 -Dispensing Pumps                                                       - Nozzle Assembly

Complete dry and wet Flavoring system.

Dry Hinged Flavouring system

Specially desinged slurry nozzle

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