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Potato Grading Lines

SV Agri's potato unloading, grading, inspection and crating systems are designed for - 

  • Unloading of potato into the plant
    The potatoes from the transporting vehicle can be directly unloaded in the system. As the potatoes are unloaded, they are first de-soiled , then graded through the grading machine. Post grading they are manually inspected and finally can be loaded into the crates

  • Potato (RM) dumping into the process line
    The potatoes dumped into the process line can be graded and halved before or after washing. Small size potatoes can be removed from the line and large sized potatoes can be cut in half before being sent for slicing.


  • Easy to deploy design and construction, customization possible as per your layout

  • Fully Automated, end to end solutions

  • Smooth transitions and minimum drop heights to prevent potato damage.

  • The System offers grading of three kinds : smaller than the required size, the required size, and larger than the required size

  • Flexibility in adjusting grading sizes as per end use

  • Systems available with handling capacity upto 12 tonnes per hour


  • Potato unloading and storage hopper

  • Soil separation system

  • Grading and rejection system

  • Potato inspection and trimming station

  • Crate filling solution

  • Tilting trolley

System Specifications


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