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Frying System

Frying systems are the most crucial part of any extruded snacks manufacturing plant. A high quality frying system not only promises uniform product quality, but also ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance. After completely understanding our clients’ requirements, we help them to select the right frying machine for their application.

We are well known for supplying high performance frying machines to snacks manufacturers across the globe. These frying machines can be connected with external direct or indirect oil heating systems.

Machine Specifications

Multi Zone Frying

  • Zone are used to develop and product heating curve

  • Multiple Oil Inlet and outlet helps control oil flow and Delta T

  • Texture, Colour and flavor can be varied across zones

Smart Oil Care

  • Quick Oil Turnover : Eyelink belts ensuring minimum oil volume

  • High Filteration Rate : Enhanced oil circulation and efficient drum filter

  • Low Temperature Frying : reduced oil de- gradation

Vary Depth Frying

  • Our unique design allows for varying frying depth

  • The Gap between the submerger and take out belts is adjustable

  • Produces same capacity for varied bulk density material

Opex and OM

  • External Heat : Multi fuel option depending on site

  • 3 Stage Cleaning Process : Quick and highly effective cleaning

  • Imported Components

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